edit11 39 minutes ago
I prefer this Guy than stephen a smith
Stephen Monash
Stephen Monash 39 minutes ago
I don't do predictions.. I predict a win by any means..
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 40 minutes ago
I'd love to smoke a joint with Dan Hooker haha
El Champagne
El Champagne 41 minute ago
Khabib make conor humble
Jay Beavis
Jay Beavis 46 minutes ago
Jesus Ariel... could you be anymore boring??
Mughato Zhimo
Mughato Zhimo 47 minutes ago
Stephen A: for those who don't know Also Stephen A: The only one who doesn't know anything here.
naka14141414 48 minutes ago
Haha what a nut sack
Al Fuqwally
Al Fuqwally 51 minute ago
This fight sucked.
Agent 47
Agent 47 52 minutes ago
This guy shouldn't interview anything relating with MMA.
The Relaxing junior
The Relaxing junior 53 minutes ago
Khabib is the champion 100% Conor its just a scumbag From Ireland
Simon Mason
Simon Mason 53 minutes ago
When he talks about a run at 155 it excites me extremely to see a focused driven Mcgregor and see his full potential.
safuvan sourav
safuvan sourav 54 minutes ago
Khabib is the best player mma history.
Ethan Hultman
Ethan Hultman 55 minutes ago
“I take your sandwich” lol
Shane Kay
Shane Kay 56 minutes ago
So why did Steven Ahole become a turn coat all of a sudden. usually expect him to question mcgregor about Khabib destroying him and saying Khabib is scared. That ESPN shut your mouth mate money
Mughato Zhimo
Mughato Zhimo 57 minutes ago
Will Stephen ever stop embarassing himself by talking about things he has no clue?
CorpsWars97 58 minutes ago
Stephen A is so unlikeable
Saf R
Saf R Hour ago
Lol in conors mind he’s fighting khabib not Dustin
ZacharyJonesJr Hour ago
Conor handled himself like a gentlemen in the face of stupidity 🤦‍♂️
Phunlop Varavut
Phunlop Varavut Hour ago
This interviewer is just suck and annoying , dustin handled to answer question good, dont be surprise why boxing is dieing even the interviewer are low grade and can be that annoying.
S Time
S Time Hour ago
Stephen a asked the right questions everyone else been asking the same boring question .. thanks SAS
Antonio Howard
Antonio Howard Hour ago
I can’t put my finger on it but the way Conor sounds and his speaking is....odd.
Iva Olo
Iva Olo Hour ago
King Smith of the Kingdom Casual
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim Hour ago
Steven A Smith should stick to punching legs.
Vitaly Askren
Vitaly Askren Hour ago
And why should khabib fight a guy he submitted.
David Paterson
David Paterson Hour ago
Absolute bawbag Steven a Smith
Gary Host
Gary Host Hour ago
Who else FFWD Ariels bit.
ShadowFai20 Hour ago
Khabid will this time kill him. And that's a fact and truth. No doubt 👍🏾👍🏾
Bouboune Hour ago
mac my words
M.M Hour ago
People actually belive john was being serious about the orthodox thing
Raz Adrift
Raz Adrift Hour ago
So...people were saying Dustin is overwhelmed by emotions yet again. I dunno, the fact that he's acknowledging Conor's accomplishments, instead of getting all defensive and trying to belittle him, kinda says he's really over the fear which Conor usually instills into his opponents.
Shooter Mcgavin
Shooter Mcgavin Hour ago
That's my girl.
bssni touir
bssni touir Hour ago
I wonder what its like for John to have watched Conor go from broke to mega millionaire. That has to be weird.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Hour ago
Connor likes money
Mzansi's MMA Show
Mzansi's MMA Show Hour ago
Was it just me or did this dude look drunk 😅? Chillin in the robe with text messages coming though...
e-Vanlife UK
e-Vanlife UK Hour ago
Did I miss something, did he beat Masvidal?
ro sharma
ro sharma Hour ago
Ariel being snakey.
King Third
King Third Hour ago
Khabib made this douchbag quit.I just laugh when he said khabib fear him.
Dee Noneya
Dee Noneya Hour ago
Why have Stephen do this interview he ask the dumbest questions
Phantom X
Phantom X Hour ago
I’m done with Conor tbh. Lost interest. I’m from the same city btw. Good luck to both men but we all know how this is set up. Money and pay per views. That’s all. Keep those shareholders happy
Jimmy Stevens
Jimmy Stevens Hour ago
Glad to see DC so happy and not so stressed out looking. He has found his place in the UFC for the rest of his time on earth. Hope they never get rid of him. I love getting DC insight on fighters and matches. CANT WAIT!!
TheLFCFAN2010 Hour ago
What a man!
Dzone Hour ago
Stephen A is a ding dong
Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix Hour ago
Also, how hilarious is it for *Conor* of all people to be pressuring someone to defend a belt? 😂😂😂
phernandez2585 Hour ago
She's happy now, wait til she's a strand they're still paying her pennies on the dollar. Ufc is a scum corporation just like disney
mo zaman
mo zaman Hour ago
What's happened to all of Conor McGregor's camp including him, they all look like Grandad's. Conor looks like a grandad
bssni touir
bssni touir Hour ago
Conor is gonna fight Dustin in the orthodox stance?
Trinity Hour ago
They should make this show “The Bad Guy and The Schmo” has a ring to it
Yahyah Ali
Yahyah Ali Hour ago
How on earth can a man be scared of someone he utterly destroyed? 😂 that logically makes no sense. Even though conor was humbled by Khabib, he still has that sense of bitterness in him
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan Hour ago
Stephen trying to look serious and knowledgeable. Fail.
Scorpion Thekiller
Scorpion Thekiller Hour ago
3:00 Makes sense Ariel.
Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix Hour ago
The casual is back! Stephen is spitting bars again 😂 what a genius mma mind
Scorpion Thekiller
Scorpion Thekiller Hour ago
I hope it becomes a 5 round war. Like Conor V Diaz ll, Dustin V Hooker. 🔥🔥👊👊
Jack Homes
Jack Homes Hour ago
It’s only business 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Scorpion Thekiller
Scorpion Thekiller Hour ago
Enjoy it Daniel Cormier.
Jordan Rush
Jordan Rush Hour ago
Stephen stick with basketball and football stay out of mma
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele Hour ago
The diamond will shine @UFC257👐👐👐
MMA News Gossip
MMA News Gossip Hour ago
Hi everyone. We all know Dana white and tyron Woodleys relationship. So I made a funny video on "dana hating on Woodley" Feller free to check it out
0,2 Podcast
0,2 Podcast Hour ago
Like, we all know as Khabib fans that we don't want Conor to get the rematch and he has to deserve it. But at the same time, a 30-0 rematch against Conor to walk away from the sport as a fighter would make him the GOAT officially.
Sam M
Sam M Hour ago
amanda is great...beautiful energy....but marina will be a super duper tough fight....marina is like a ninja,,,,good luck ladies.
Mahmoud Hour ago
Jokes apart. Stephen A asks him questions none of those MMA Media dare to. Both confrontational and straight forwarded questions. Which Mcgregror is not used to.
Christian Jimenez
Christian Jimenez Hour ago
Look at Conor at the end, he looks so happy 😊
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard Hour ago
Now there's a good interview :)
Jack Homes
Jack Homes Hour ago
Khabib Scared 😂😂😂Connor “it’s only business mcgregor “😂😂😂😂mc tapout 🎉
Ryan Reb
Ryan Reb Hour ago
Max holloway in beast 💪 mode
Mzansi's MMA Show
Mzansi's MMA Show 2 hours ago
Dustin shouldn't be overlooked, especially if he's been sparring Masvidal. Hopefully he get's to exact a bit of revenge...6 years in the making 😁
Benjamin Richard
Benjamin Richard 2 hours ago
What an outstanding performance, great job!
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Elysian Tattoo Travel 2 hours ago
His second question already shows he doesnt know sh..t about anything mma related
Diane Austin
Diane Austin 2 hours ago
I don't think Chandler's outfit looks like he thought it might.
Khan Khalid Hassan
Khan Khalid Hassan 2 hours ago
Im glad Steven didnt mix up justin poirier and dustin gaethje.
Stefan a Smith asking Conor McGregor why are you fighting that guy that you're already knocked out , why ? Like if you already knocking out why you interested defied him again .this why khabib doesn't want to fight Connor he dominated him for 4 rounds and choke until he died
James 2 hours ago
This is about all the casual fans know. Porier Conor was 7 years ago Porier has achieved greatness since then his career isn’t just “rebuilding after a loss to Conor McGregor”
Joel Chaparro
Joel Chaparro 2 hours ago
These interviews are total trash. I don't get how Smith is qualified to perform MMA interviews. The guy is clueless about the sport and not only that. Not long ago he was talking trash about MMA and talking a lot of nonsense in relation to the sport. Now that the sport is huge and has a ton of viewers all these old school broadcasters are acting as if they're knowledgeable and care about it, which is clearly untrue. They're just doing whatever it takes to get the clicks, views and attention.
Mr Wilk
Mr Wilk 2 hours ago
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 hours ago
i love your videos so much !?
Big Ptm
Big Ptm 2 hours ago
I thing that i found interesting & a Coach Brown coverd up is the fact Dustin hasn't best a southpaw & been KOd fr last 2 he fought. Dustin also hasn't faced another southpaw since either
MarquisVonMonster 2 hours ago
Dana you WAP, how you fire The Soldier of Gawd?
Solomon Wilford
Solomon Wilford 2 hours ago
Dustin will win
ferg 2 hours ago
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator 2 hours ago
Even happier than The Happy Warrior?